Business Logbook Template

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Logbook Record Keeping Template instructions

Download the business logbook template below and follow the instructions to keep record of kilometres travelled each year.
This isn’t essential, but it will assist in ensuring the allocated running costs will cover your expenses each year.

  2. 1. Please click “Record Keeping” sheet at the bottom of this page
  3. 2. Please fill in your odometer readings at the start and end of the financial year, and your vehicle details at the top
  4. 3. For each journey, record start and end date, odometer readings and reason for the journey
  5. 4. Under “Work-related travel”, please select “Y” if the journey is work-related or “N” otherwise

* Please note that information in the yellow highlighted cells will be calculated automatically for you


  • – You must keep a logbook for at least 12 continuous weeks during the income year
  • – You must record every single journey including both personal and work-related travel
  • – Each logbook is valid for five years provided that your circumstances did not change (e.g. work pattern),
    however you must record the start and end odometer reading for each financial year