Compare how much you can save with a novated lease today!

Compare how much you can save with a novated lease today!

Are you looking to save some money in your household? We can help!

Here are some ways you can Compare & Save with novated leasing.

Novated lease vs other types of car finance

Compare a novated lease to other car finance and you'll see how much income tax and GST you can save.

Move your current car to a lease to release equity

If you convert your current car to a novated lease, you get the benefits of a lease and cash-in-hand from the equity.

Second-hand cars work on a novated lease too

With the current shortage of new cars, consider a second-hand car and still save on income tax and running costs.

You'll save on running costs with a novated lease

Compare the savings on fuel, servicing and tyres with a novated lease. And monthly budgeting is easier too!

How can I salary package the car that I own?

How can I salary package the car that I own?

You own the car

beCarWise arrange a novated lease for your car

You get the car value back in cash

Reduce your income tax and save GST

Example 1: Current Car Owned Outright

Susan owned a 2017 Hyundai i30 outright. In 2020 she transferred the car to a novated lease and got $21,000 cash-in-hand for her car.

The lease only cost Susan $149 per week* for all the vehicle running costs and finance.

Savings in income tax & GST over 5-yr lease = $12,087*

Example 2: Second-Hand Car

Peter owned a 2019 Ford Everest that he sourced through a local dealership and financed under a novated lease.

The lease only costs Peter $290 a week* for all repayments and running costs.

Savings in income tax & GST over 5-yr lease = $17,980*

Enquire about a novated lease and start saving today!

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Novated Leasing Guide For Private Employees & Employers

Novated leasing is a popular choice for both government and private employees to reap the benefits of buying a new or second-hand car via a novated lease.

Top Four Novated Leasing Myths Busted

beCarWise customers save thousands on the purchase price of their vehicle, save on GST and save tax. Our customers simply choose the car they want and use pre-tax salary for repayments and then enjoy driving.

The First Timer’s Guide To Novated Leasing

With novated leasing, you can get a new car and everything you need to stay safe on the road, all while saving some serious tax dollars. Here are just some of the perks you can expect to pick up.
Terms and Conditions *Weekly cost and tax savings are based on the following assumptions: travelling 15,000km pa, gross salary $100,000pa, 5-year term. Figures quoted include finance, fuel, registration, insurance, servicing and repairs, tyres and roadside assist. Images shown may not be the exact car that the calculations are based on.

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Fleet discounts

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