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Wisely has partnered with beCarWise to help you! Salary Packaging could save you thousands!

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How Novated Leasing works?

It’s smart, it’s simple and it saves you money. Here’s how it works.

Your car and its running costs become part of your salary package. It means you enjoy the convenience and savings of paying for your new, used or existing car and its running costs – directly from your salary. 

Full Novation
So Many Benefits

How it Works

Full Novation
So Many Benefits

How it Works

Accelerate your savings with beCarWise

Compared to other finance options, a novated lease saves you money from the start.

  • Best Car Prices
  • Covenience
  • Savings on GST
  • Tax and GST Savings
  • Potential tax-free profit
  • Approved discounts
  • National fuel card

Best Car Prices

Benefit from fleet discounts unavailable to private buyers – no matter what make or model car.


Convenience of bringing your own choice of car – new, used, or even your existing vehicle – into the lease package. Cars can be up to 11 years old at the end of the lease.

Savings on GST

You don’t pay GST on the purchase price of a car. That’s like getting a 10 per cent discount!

Tax and GST Savings

Benefitting from tax and GST savings over the lease’s lifetime (your taxable income is lowered).

Potential tax-free profit

Potential tax-free profit at end of the lease – and then refinance and re-novate with your next car. Simple!

Approved discounts

You’ll receive approved discounts on servicing, repairs and maintenance, tyres and batteries – up to 35%!

National fuel card

National fuel card provides cash-free convenience and saves you time at the pump.

A novated lease is the tax friendly, hassle-free way to purchase your next vehicle.

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Frequently asked questions

Our customers often ask similar questions, so here are the top four. Have another question?
Call us on 1300 734 500. 

Do I need to drive a certain number of kilometres to benefit?
Not at all! All drivers could benefit regardless of the kilometres driven.
What happens if my running costs differ from my initial expectations?
Our team can make adjustments to your allowances at any time throughout your lease term.
What happens if I change jobs?
Easy! Novated leases are portable and can be moved from employer to employer.
Who owns the vehicle; me or my employer?
With a lease, the vehicle is owned by you and can be used for personal or business use.
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