Upgrade your car and pocket the savings with a novated lease.

Are you missing out on all the technology that comes with today’s modern cars and the cost savings that come with a novated lease?

Upgrading to a new car doesn’t just get you a more reliable vehicle, it makes good financial sense. All your running costs come out of your pre-tax salary, so you could end up paying less tax. It’s like giving yourself a pay rise!

Look at what’s included in your monthly payment.

Forget about comparing costs, finding finance and negotiating deals. A novated lease is the tax friendly, hassle-free way to purchase your next vehicle.

Whatever your dream car is,
we can get you into it for a lot less.

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Why choose a novated lease with beCarWise?

Accessible for all vehicles

Lease the car you choose. It can be new, demo, used or even your current car.

Best Car Prices

Benefit from fleet discounts unavailable to the public.

Upfront GST Savings

You don’t pay GST on the purchase price of the car. That’s a 10% saving upfront!


Roll all your car running costs into one convenient, regular repayment.

Income Tax & GST Savings

You’re eligible for significant income tax and GST savings during the lease.

Discounted Running Cost

Receive pre-negotiated discounts on servicing, repairs and maintenance.

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