The smart way to finance your next work vehicle

Security, certainty and financial peace of mind

Think the only way you can get a new car for work is to buy it outright? Think again. Under a finance lease you choose the car you want, your financier purchases it on your behalf and you lease it back for a fixed term. You pay a fixed, monthly repayment and at the end of the lease you can either buy, trade-in (hello upgrade) or refinance the residual value. Too easy.

So who qualifies? If you’re a company, sole trader or employee using the car predominantly for business, you’re in. Offering a fixed rate for a fixed term, residuals to reduce your repayments and significant savings on tax, it’s the smart way to finance your next work car.

Why take out a Finance Lease?

Save on tax, set your budget and claim your GST monthly


Save on Tax

Using your car for business? Claim your repayments and slash your tax.

Fixed Rates

Set and forget your repayments with the same low interest rate for the life of your lease.

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