Car Review: Kia EV6

If you ever needed proof of Kia’s growth and transformation into a major player on the global stage, the EV6 is resounding evidence.

Put simply, the Kia EV6 (shown here in dual-motor, GT-Line AWD spec) is an outstanding electric SUV and proof positive you can cut ties with your local servo. Not surprisingly, it was voted Winner of the 2023 Drive Car of the Year Best EV $70,000-$120,000.

So what sets it apart? The first and most obvious thing is its looks. Whilst the EV6  sits in the SUV class, its appearance and profile suggest a heavy emphasis on the ‘sport’ part of its remit. The sharp front-end design matches to a sleek side profile that tapers to rear hips reminiscent of the late-60’s Camaro, wrapping around to a genuinely futuristic-looking rear end with a full-width light bar and indicators cleverly integrated into what look like garnishing trim. A shrinking violet it is not. The looks certainly give the impression of speed.

The looks don’t lie; this is a genuinely quick vehicle. Shift the drive mode into sport, put your foot down and, even in soaking conditions, the EV6 takes off at a pace you don’t expect but never get bored of. Like all electric vehicles, response is instant and acceleration is butter-smooth and unfussed. Overtaking is a breeze, with a moderate prod of your right foot increasing your rate of progress enough to warrant a keen eye on the digital speedo. Giving its all, the EV6 will take you from zero to 100km/h in about five seconds and whilst the EV6 isn’t designed to be a scalpel-sharp corner-carver, it does a commendable job of hiding its 2,105kg’s when you’re having a bit of a go in the bends.

The EV6 is certainly quick in a straight line, but its appeal extends far beyond how quickly you can leave the tragic lights behind. Like all models in its line-up, Kia Australia goes to the effort of locally tuning its suspension to cope best with Australia’s rather varied transport topography. Well-damped body control is achieved whilst simultaneously affording above-average ride quality over even the most neglected of Australia’s roads. Kia’s investment has paid off.

Like other Kia models, the EV6 is stacked with gear as standard and rounds out its ownership proposition with one of the longest warranties in the industry. The EV6 is also compatible with the latest ultra-rapid chargers, meaning on a 350kw charger a 10-80% charge takes about 18 minutes. A 7kw home charger brings approximately 40km range per hour of charge.

In terms of its interior, there’s plenty of space for four adults inside, with ample room for most body shapes and sizes. The only exception to this really comes in the form of rear seat toe room if the front seats are lowered all the way down. This isn’t something isolated to the EV6 as any electric vehicle which packages its batteries low in the floor of the vehicle is going to encounter a similar issue. Boot space is decent, without being amazing. With the rear seats up you can expect 480 litres of space, with them down that increases to 1,270 litres. Visibility out the front and sides is pretty decent, with the EV6 enjoying the excellent blind-spot cameras that come on in the dash when you click on the indicators. That sharp exterior does reduce rear visibility noticeably; however the very helpful parking cameras and sensors are there to assist when parking.

Controls are shared with other Kia models, so acclimatising to using the EV6 shouldn’t pose much of an issue. If you’ve never driven electric before, it will certainly feel like a new experience moving off without a sound, but it quickly becomes second nature. You can adjust the regenerative braking using the paddles behind the steering wheel, ranging from coasting all the way to one-pedal driving where most of the energy put into accelerating the vehicle is recouped and put back into the battery, meaning the brake pedal is only used when necessary.

Having spent a few days out and about with the EV6, it proved itself to be a highly capable EV which drew lots of looks and questions. In short, it’s an excellent SUV and an outstanding vehicle, period. With the recent changes to FBT exemption for electric vehicles, there’s never been a better time to have a look at the EV6. If you’d like to know how much you can save through a beCarWise novated lease, call us on 1300 734 500, email or simply fill out our enquiry form below and we’ll be happy to assist you.

You can also find out more information about novated leasing for EVs on our dedicated webpage.

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