Client Spotlight: Making the Most of Novated Leasing with North Ringwood Medical Centre’s Practice Manager, Bernadette 

We recently had the pleasure of helping Bernadette secure a new car through a beCarWise novated lease.

Bernadette has been the Practice Manager at North Ringwood Medical Centre for ten years, telling us she truly enjoys her role as it offers her variety and the chance to collaborate with a fantastic team.  

When Bernadette recently decided to upgrade her car, safety and reliability (as well as not having to wait too long for delivery) were some of the top priorities, and she landed on a brand new 2024 Volvo XC60. 

When we asked her why she chose beCarWise as her novated leasing provider, she was honest with us. 

“You were not my initial choice! I was recommended a provider who then did not deliver on the customer service I was looking for,” she says. “I reached out to SG Fleet who recommended beCarWise, and the staff were extremely helpful and pleasant. I am extremely happy with the great customer service I have been provided and communication has been outstanding”. 

Compared to a traditional car loan, the standout benefits of novated leasing for Bernadette were clear. She mentions beCarWise’s ability to secure access to wholesale pricing, as well as the convenience that all vehicle running costs are conveniently included in the one monthly payment. 

 She also highlights that she is reducing her taxable income, which is a significant financial advantage. 

“Novated leasing is worth considering. Personally, the financial savings and the ease of a single payment work well for me, and the entire process was so simple and easy” Bernadette says. 

“I highly recommend beCarWise to anyone looking to engage in a novated lease”. 

If you would like to know how you can enjoy tax savings, flexibility and the opportunity to drive your dream car, call us on 1300 734 500! 

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