The first timer’s guide to novated leasing


Want a new car but not keen on buying one outright? With novated leasing, you can get a new car and everything you need to stay safe on the road, all while saving some serious tax dollars. Here are just some of the perks you can expect to pick up.

You’ll pay less (or even no) GST

When you buy a new car, you’re generally up for GST on the purchase price, fuel, insurance and servicing. However, with a novated lease, you’ll pay less (and in some cases no) GST on all of these things, delivering significant savings from the get-go.

You’ll lower your taxable income

Under a novated lease, your employer takes your repayments from your pre-tax salary, and passes them onto the leasing company. Because the payments are taken out before your tax is calculated, this lowers your taxable income, meaning you’ll pay less tax over the long term.

You’ll more easily stick to your budget

Owning a car isn’t cheap. There’s petrol, tyres, insurance and servicing to worry about as well. But with a novated lease, you can forecast and evenly spread your running costs over the life of the lease. Everything you need to budget for is bundled into one fortnightly (or monthly) payment, helping you stay on track and meet your short and long term financial goals.

You’ll have flexibility

It’s a common misconception that novated leases are only for people who need a specific vehicle for work. Not true. With a novated lease, you can not only use your car for work and play, you can also have the make and model of your choice. Second hand cars aren’t off the table either, although some conditions do apply.

You’ll have choice

A standard novated lease period is three to five years. When your lease is up, you can either:

There are also options available when and if you change jobs/employers (you can read more about that here).

Want to know more?

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