Lease Protection Options

beCarWise offers additional protection to our customers, covering them and their lease vehicles. These lease protection options are designed to safeguard you or your investment should the unexpected occur.

Below is detailed information on each policy and the relevant product disclosure statement.

For further information please contact your leasing consultant.

Lease Protection Insurance 

In the event that you were to become Involuntarily Unemployed, Lease Protection is designed to cover the cost of your lease repayments for up to 10 months plus an additional $400 per month to cover your vehicle running costs after the 30-day excess period has expired.

Once you have received 3 monthly lease repayments, you have the option of ending the Lease Agreement by handing the vehicle back. The policy will cover the outstanding balance of the Lease Agreement as at the date you returned your vehicle less the Fair Sale Price obtained for your vehicle.

The maximum the Insurer will pay across all benefits is $40,000 subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Lease Protection Summary and PDS
Financial Services

Financial Gap Insurance 

Financial Gap Assist is designed to meet the financial loss incurred as a result of a vehicle being declared a total loss by the comprehensive motor vehicle insurer and the total loss payout is not sufficient to discharge the financial contract. 

The Policy will pay the difference between the Outstanding Balance of Your Finance Contract and the Total Loss Payment You receive up to the level of cover selected by You as shown on Your Policy Schedule.

Financial Gap Assist Summary and PDS
Financial Services

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