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What is a Novated Lease?

It’s simple, it’s smart and it saves you money. Here’s how it works.

Full Novation is a convenient program that packages fleet discounts on new cars, reduced servicing, maintenance and repair costs without you having to drive all over town. The team at beCarWise have a passion for all things cars and can help you make an informed decision when considering your situation.

With a Novated Lease, whether it’s new or used, for work or pleasure, you can pay for your car and its running costs using pre-tax dollars.

Plus, you won’t pay GST on the purchase price, repayments, fuel, insurance or servicing. One simple payment from your salary covers everything – making it easy and potentially saving thousands in tax.

Full Novation
So Many Benefits

How it Works

Full Novation
So Many Benefits

How it Works

Want to buy a car and cut your tax?

Enquire onlineemail us or call us on 1300 734 500

Full Novation allows you to effectively finance, run and insure your vehicle the most tax effective way possible.

  • My Car Savings
  • My Tax Savings
  • Running Cost Savings

My Car Savings

New Car Discounts
beCarWise can help you save on buying your new car by utilising our preferred dealers and access to our national fleet discounts.

Finance your car excluding GST – that saves you 10% upfront!

We can arrange cost effective accessories for your car, by purchasing from our wholesale network.

Used Cars Or Your Car
Used cars or your existing car – no problem. As long as the car is under 13 years old at end of lease.

My Tax Savings

Income Tax
Salary packaging a novated lease lowers your income tax by deducting finance payments and running costs before taxing your income.

Finance payments and running costs deducted from your pre-tax salary are GST free.

No Fringe Benefits
Structuring your novated lease correctly will eliminate FBT. No minimum kilometres need to be travelled under the Statutory Method.

Running Cost Savings

Fuel Card
Convenience of a fuel card for use at thousands of service stations.

Servicing & Tyres
Fleet discounts for servicing, tyres, batteries and windscreen replacements.

Comprehensive Insurance
Choice of beCarWise fleet policy or your own insurance company.

Roadside Assistance
No joining fee and low monthly rates.

With average savings of $5,188* per year, it’s the smart, simple way to get your next set of wheels on the road.

*$5,188 was the average customer savings over 2022 and is subject to change. 

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