The future is electric – Production of new gen electric cars is finally underway


Think there’s nothing new under the motoring sun? With new Tesla models rolling into production and European brands testing the electric car market, the future of motoring isn’t just bright, it’s electric. Here’s the news you need to know.

The growing power of electric motoring

It’s true that the Australian market has been slow to adopt hybrid and electric model cars. Our love affair with big engines, combined with a lack of government incentives to go green can be partly blamed for our reluctance to change. But with the number of Teslas registered in New South Wales rising from 119 in March 2015 to 363 in March 2016 (and rising further to 618 in March 2017), it seems change is finally on the cards.

Who’s leading the charge?

Although almost every car maker has an electric model in the works, it’s Tesla that’s ahead of the field. With its game changing Model S already on the market and Model 3 electric sedan finally in production, they’re setting the standard other brands will need to follow.

Pricing for the Australian Model 3 hasn’t yet been announced, but with 345km range per charge, seating for five, autopilot hardware and a 5-star safety rating, it’s already attracting positive attention. Zooming from zero to 100km/h in under six seconds, they’ll be under production mid-2017, with delivery slated for mid-2018 or later.

European brands on the rise

Thanks to the popularity of electric cars on the continent, it’s no surprise Mercedes, Porsche, Volvo and Volkswagen are all working on new electric vehicle ranges. With a focus on looks as much as performance, it’s hoped these new models will finally bring electric cars the attention – and competition – they deserve in this great land down under.

Need a little extra push?

Although government incentives for green cars aren’t exactly thick on the ground, as part of a deal with AGL, customers buying a new Tesla before August can also receive free electric charging at home for the first year of ownership. And with increasing pressure on the government to come to the party, fingers crossed change is on the agenda sooner rather than later.

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