Introducing the All-New 2021 Toyota Kluger Hybrid


Toyota has launched the all-new 2021 Kluger Hybrid. The new Kluger is the ideal people mover for those long family road trips!

Here are the top features…

Grande Hybrid shown

With all the great well-rounded features, the new Kluger can take you and the family anywhere, anytime and when paired with a novated lease you will also save thousands each year on and running costs and income tax.

Kluger Hybrid vs Petrol V6

The Toyota Kluger sporting its 2.5L V4 Hybrid engine, delivers 184kW of power with 242 Nm petrol torque achieving a combined fuel consumption of 5.6L/100km.

But for those who seek a little more oomph from their family SUV, Toyota also offers 3.5L V6 petrol engine variant, delivering a whopping 218kWs of power with 250Nm of torque achieving a combined fuel consumption of 8.9L/100km, plenty of power to conquer anything on and or off the road.

Did you know?

We provide a Car Buying Service that can help secure your new car at Fleet prices. Get in touch with our expert consultants to order and arrange a novated lease on a new Kluger today. We are here to help make car shopping easy.

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