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Some of us prefer the character and personality of a combustion engine vehicle, while others prefer the technological advancements and environmental benefits of an electric car. Whichever the preference, both have their following of enthusiasts. Here are our top picks for this generation of petrolheads.

Subaru WRX 
RRP: Starting from $45,652

Image source: Subaru

With what can be considered to have somewhat of a cult following, the WRX was birthed from Japan in 1992 and introduced to the consumer market as a daily usable rally car. It exemplifies all you could dream of for a day at the track trailed by a cruise along the coast with the windows down, and speakers blasting. The WRX is packed with performance potential, capturing car enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates a good kick of power and superb feeling of grip through the corners with its AWD capability. And not to mention its iconic boxer rumble, the WRX brings excitement and the child out of all of those who drive it.

Golf GTI
RRP: Starting from $58,862

Image source: Car expert

Produced since 1976 and considered to be the most popular car of its class – the Volkswagen Golf GTI is a luxurious, sporty, and compact vehicle. It was designed with performance enthusiasts in mind, but it’s also a practical car with enough space for your golf clubs and bags. It has four doors which makes it easy to get kids in and out. One of its most famous features is the sound it makes when you step on its accelerator pedal – a low growl or ‘breaking wind’ sound that the DSG gear box produces makes you giggle as you’re about to have some fun! It has a lot of potential for tuning and customising, making it the perfect car for anyone looking to personalise their car and truly making it their own.

Kia Stinger
RRP: Starting from $54,090

Image source: Kia

The Stinger brings exceptional performance, breathtaking design and modern technology combined in a grand tourer package. This car is a family car, but it’s not your typical family car. It’s a great vehicle for families who like to have fun in their cars and are looking for something that can provide an exhilarating driving experience. Equipped with top of line technology, i.e., lane departure, collision warning and electronic stability. It is designed as a beautiful family performance car, that blends the maximum level of engineering with the craft and beauty of the artisan’s composition. For those looking for the ultimate thrill ride, the Stinger offers a high-performance twin-turbo V6 engine.

Toyota 86 GT
RRP: Starting from $32,180

Image source: Toyota

If you’re a driver that breathes thrill, looks forward to every twist and turn on the road, then this is the car for you. Designed in partnership with Subaru and is also sold as a Subaru BRZ, the 86 is not particularly special. It’s not luxurious, doesn’t boast any refinement and it’s not powerful or practical, the 86 is all about having fun. Low tech means it’s simple, rear-wheel drive means it can slide; its lightweight, ready to change direction, a machine with old school technology, a blank canvas for the enthusiast on a budget to make their own.

Hyundai i30N
RRP: Starting from $51,820

Image source: Car advice

Hyundai i30N is a car that has been designed to give you an exhilarating driving experience. It is the first production car to be powered by cutting-edge N performance technology. The 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine and quick shifting 8-speed auto transmission, has been specifically engineered for maximum performance and efficiency while providing drivers with a thrilling ride. Featuring 5 characteristic driver modes, each has the capability to adjust the responsiveness of the engine, suspension stiffness, stability, the electronically controlled limited-slip differential, exhaust note, steering sensitivity, and transmission to suit various driving conditions and drivers.

Toyota Yaris GR
RRP: Starting from $49,500

Image source: Toyota

Born from World Rally Championship (WRC), the Yaris GR’s brand-new chassis houses the world’s most powerful 1.6-litre three-cylinder turbo engine introduced to production. It’s fully adjustable GR-Four AWD system is a tribute to the iconic championship-winning Celica FT-Four. 6-speed manual transmission gives the car enthusiast the raw feeling of power and torque, but with the support of smart technology, which allows for smoother downshifts and rev matches. Being super lightweight the Yaris GR moves like a bullet – genuinely a car not for the faint-hearted.

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Feature image source: Litchfield Motors

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